"When you enter Monique's studio, the magic begins right then and there. Suddenly, you feel like a star! The atmosphere was both relaxing and energizing (how can that be?) ..while the anticipation of the results of my make-over had me giddy with excitement. When she took the first set of pictures and let me take a peek, I was in love.with ME! I cant remember ever having such a fun and transforming time when I saw all of the final pictures, I took them all. Monique captured the me inside of me."

Gina Spriggs
Holistic Intuitive and an Intuitive Development Mentor

"I've never liked being photographed. It's too easy to see all the things that I don't like about how I look. But I needed photos done so I sucked it up and went to Monique. She is AMAZING. She knows how to bring out the best in the women she's photographing. I can honestly say that I love these photos!"

Linda Lancaster
Graphic Designer